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Service Details

We provide 100% unique content and contextual link placements on sites as per your DA preference. Our Expected Order Completion timelines for <10 Blog Placement is 1-2 weeks For <25 is 2-3 weeks.

Here is our pricing as per Domain Authority(including article cost):

DA10+ - from $60.00 Per Link Placement

DA20+ - from $80.00 Per Link Placement

DA30+ - from $100.00 Per Link Placement

DA40+ - from $150.00 Per Link Placement

DA50+ - from $250.00 Per Link Placement

DA60+ - from $350.00 Per Link Placement

We do fresh email outreach to finalize prospects based on your niche & DA.
Our content specialists come up with interesting blog titles that are not only relevant to your target URL and anchor, but also go well with the publishing website readers.
We deliver in-content, do-follow links, placed contextually in the guest blog.
The per backlink cost includes the cost of high quality 800+ word articles written by our inhouse team of native content writers and approved by our expert editors.
Before finalizing a prospect website, we check on ahrefs to ensure no repeats.